About Us
Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions Provider. SHARGE serves as both the supplier of charging modules and operators of commercial charging stations
Charging Modules
Importing and Installation of charging modules from WallBe GmbH and ABB Limited
Real-Time System
Operator of Stations through real-time system monitoring through unique Sharge Management Application
After Services
Charging station maintenance, electricity consumption metering and monitoring
SHARGE Application
Search and locate our charging stations and manage your Electric Vehicle easily with SHARGE’s unique mobile application
Charge Tracking
Monitor and receive updates about your charging status in real-time to optimize your charging sessions
Safety Factor
Our application is endorsed by Amazon AWS, allowing maximal optimization and security
Universal Payment
Take advantage of our flexible payment option and store your credit card on app for quick access
User Friendly
Our features were developed to ensure that our users are provided with all the infomation they need to charge their Electric Vehicle
SMART MOVE: Electric Vehicle Sharing Platform
We operate Thailand’s first EV-based transportation sharing platform launched by Sansiri. This platform seeeks to transform the way new generation of consumers live and access resource & promote an eco-friendly and energy conserving initiative
Station Management
Network Expansion
Vehicle Monitoring
Data Analysis
Current Operations and Future Plans
Long term Goal, We will become a one-stop-shop for any EV related solutions which includes Manufacturing Capabilities
“Phase 1” (2016-2018)
Current Operations
Focus on Differentiation
Supplier and Operators of Charging Modules for Residential and Commercial Projects
Operator of Sansiri’s SMART MOVE Electric Vehicle Sharing Platform
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“Phase 2” (2019-2021)
Future Plans for the Company
Focus on Manufacturing and User Experience
Development of Payment and Management System that may become Thailand’s leading solutions platform for EV Stations
Expansion of the SMART MOVE Platform beyond the boundaries of Sansiri Properties
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Servicing Location
Residential Network
96 Outlets

The Monument, The Line, Haus, The Base and D-Condo Brands
Park Court Brand
The Tree, and Privacy Brands
The Politan Brand
Commercial Network
33 Outlets

Central Embassy and Central Chidlom
177 Complex
Singha Complex